Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Wastewater Treatment Plant

Akar has successfully executed a turnkey project from design to commissioning for a hospital and Research centre in Noida, India. The job involved pre-treatment, filtration, chemical dosing, R.O Membrane treatment, and polishing treatment, water quality for this hospital in a laboratory was required to be below 2 Micro Siemens/Cm, which Akar was able to provide to the complete satisfaction of the client.


Akar also offer consultancy services to its valued clients in the fields of activities. Carrying out preliminary studies and surveys, understanding client's requirements, problems, constraints and objectives and basing data on the conclusions drawn are very important aspects of this activity. Akar has done consultancy work for every prestigious and reputed clients in India and outside. Amongst the most well known names are: MIS Hindustan zinc Ltd, Larsen and Toubro ltd, Indian Oil etc. It has done consultancy jobs to either setup new water treatment/waste water treatment facilities or upgrade existing facilities. Akar has also undertaken consultancy jobs in the field of environment related issues.

Akar has a group of experts drawn from a variety of disciplines. The experts have years of experience in such diverse fields as Waste Water Treatment, Ecological assessments, forestry, bio-diversity, bio-remediation etc. All this has resulted in to a high value consulting service to our clients from industry and institutions.

Experience in Diverse Applications

Akar has vast experience to treat effluent waste water released by diverse industries and institutions such as Automobile, Chemical, Dairy, Beverage, Textile Dyeing, Electrical equipment and component, Hotel, Food, School Complexes, Leather, Meat Processing, Vegetables and mineral oil, Electroplating etc. Akar has also supplied plants for institutions, schools, colleges, etc.