Clarifier Assembly in Progress

Clarifier Assembly in Progress

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Clarifier Assembly in Progress

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Product Name Clarifier Assembly in Progress
Product Code CAP 06
Model Number: Akar CAP 06
Export Markets: Worldwide
Business Type Manufacturers,Suppliers & Exporters (Accept Foreign Inquiries)
FOB Price: By Email
Place Of Manufacturer: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Certification: ISO 9001:2008, Trust Stamp
Mini Order Quantity As Per Buyers Order
Payment Terms Cash In Advance, L/C,( Letter Of Credit ), T/T ( Bank Transfer )
Place Of Origin: Uttar Pradesh, India
Product Classification: Thin Film Composite RO Membrane
Product Type: Industrial, Fully Automatic
Company Standard Unbeatable Quality
Technical Parameters:
Materials: Stainless Steel/Carbon steel/SS
Membrane Module: LH3-1060-V
Membrane Type: Inside-out Hollow Fiber
MWCO: 50,000 Dalton s
Pre-filter Type: 50micron Aminated Filter
Filter Membrane Material: PVC
Filtration Water Turbidity: <0.1NTU
Operation Model: Continuous/interval
Filtration Precision: 0.01micron
Flow Rate: 1.8cbm/hr
Maintenance: Long term
Material: Carbon steel coated
Application: Beverage
Voltage(V): 380V-600V
Power: 18KW
Sand Filter: FRP Tank with Mechanical Control Valve
Features/Specifications: Safe To Handle And Use, Long Life Span, Automatic Control, Low Operating Cost, High-Efficiency, Stable Performance, Advanced Technology, Environmental Friendly.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:     Standard Exporting Package
Delivery Detail:    About 30 days