Akar Containerized Effluent Treatment Plant

Akar Containerized Effluent Treatment Plant

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Akar Containerized Effluent Treatment Plant

To facilitate easy transportability and easy installation of the plant, Akar has introduced containerized Waste Water Treatment Plants. This range covers both Sewage Treatment Plants as well as Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants. These plants are self-contained, housed in commercial freight containers, containing systems capable of delivering treated water from any type of wastewater. By utilizing containerized construction and integrated treatment techniques, Akar Systems can provide a completely assembled, pre-tested system capable of supplying specified quality of treated water utilizing wastewater from a number of sources such as sewage, wastewaters containing B.O.D., C.O.D., oil, grease, or high suspended solids. Akars containerized wastewater treatment systems offer a number of advantages including ease of transportation, instant installation, flexibility, and cost effectiveness.

Akar has built its reputation around treatment of challenging wastewater such as from Textile Dyeing plants, from Automobile Paint Shop; Oil processing units etc. These can be trailer-mounted or built inside a general purpose, dry cargo shipping container of 20 or 40 feet size or multiple of either or both of them.

The capacity may vary from 25 kilolitres per day (KLD) to One Million Liters per day (MLD). Akar Containerized Plants from 100 KLD to 300 KLD come in multiples of 50 KLD. From 300 KLD to 500 KLD come in multiples of 100 KLD and form 500 KLD upwards, in multiples of 250 KLD. We supply Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plants above capacity of One MLD in multiple of 250 KLD. We have exported Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plants of 5 MLD recently.


1.    Quick startup: our Akar Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plants do not need much longer to start. If the connections are available, the plant can start in two days.

2.    Requires almost no assembling at site: Akar Containerized plants almost do not need any assembling work at site. The plant comes pre-assembled and pre-tested.

3.    Easily transportable: As the Akar Containerized plant is housed in a modified dry cargo-shipping container, it can easily be mounted on a truck for transportation to any location, which can be accessed by road. Modifications include waterproof flooring, overhead lighting and power outlets.

4.    Roofed and protected against dust, winds and rain. Akar Containerized plant is self-contained and needs no roof or protection against dust, winds, rain etc. If locked; it is protected against theft and tempering from mischievous persons. .